Free to Change

One of the nice things about being an adult is that you’ve got freedom to do just about whatever you want to. That includes being free to change. Free to change your ways, old habits, things that get you stuck in a rut. For many of us it’s difficult to make change in our lives but once you unlock your ability to make change without fear of repercussion, then you are truly free.

This was just a random thought, or really a series of thoughts, that I had while I was out shopping for some cheap mattresses for the kids bedrooms today. I think I get pretty deep when I go shopping.

Watching the Raindrops on the Window

Been spending most of the week staring out into space and watching the raindrops hit the window. I like how they make little streaks as they slowly slide down the window pane before they disappear. Sometimes they merge with another raindrop and make little droplet friends. It’s been wet and overcast for days and I’m a little bored I guess. I even got to wondering why raindrops are different sizes.

The littlest one is doing great and is crawling around all over the house. She moves so fast now it’s unbelievable. I have to follow her around all the time to make sure she doesn’t crawl into anything. She’s also outgrowing all of her baby clothes. I did treat myself to a secondhand Coach diaper bag the other day. Can’t afford a new one, but I got one off eBay that was barely used and in great shape. As far as diaper bags go, it’s pretty classy. It’s one of the Addison collection bags and I think it goes for like $500 new but I got it for less than $200. It’s still a lot of money to spend on a diaper bag, but I can’t stand carrying around a really ugly one. That’s just me, I suppose.

Another thing I like to do when it’s raining outside is to sew. It’s a skill I learned from my mother many years ago and something that sadly not too many people know how to do anymore. I’ve been collecting some dressmaking patterns and am trying to put together a nice sundress for my daughter. I wish I had my mother’s sewing talent and patience with all the cutting, thread, and sorting through the materials. I know some basic stitches and can operate a sewing machine but I can see that it’s a lost art.

Meanwhile, the older child is playing a lot of video games right now. He’s stopped playing Club Penguin at long last and now his latest obsession is Tiny Tower, which he plays on his mobile phone. He loves the video games! He was very excited this week when a new mission came out on his other favorite game, Poptropica. He was busy playing it all day today and having a great time with the game. Lately he’s been playing a mission called SOS Island, which is all about a cruise ship that hits an iceberg. It’s so very Titanic!

I’ve been doing a lot of singing lately when I have the time. Mostly practicing with the church choir and then while walking around the house. People tell me I have a great voice. Maybe if I was 10 years younger and without kids I’d try out the Season 11 auditions for American Idol. But that’s not going to happen now!