Kickass Torrents Alternatives

While KAT was an instrumental avenue for torrent downloading, there are other websites that you can still get the assistance. Below, we are going to look at how exactly to keep yourself secure while downloading torrents and kickass torrent alternatives.

Herein are a few of the safety suggestions when you’re seeking to torrent files;

Browse the comments section

The internet is ideal for sharing pictures, music and all other types of files, but, it’s also an excellent way to obtain information. You can use the remarks section to tell you more than just the standard of the file you intend to download. Generally, individuals who downloaded the files prior to you will have something to say. If for example, you see comments caution about downloading the torrent, steer clear off it.
Protect with a VPN
Stay away from the heavily downloaded torrents

It’s tempting to pick the most downloaded torrent. True, this can be the best with regards to quality, but remember that the most downloaded torrent is also the most monitored. You risk receiving warning emails if you choose the top coating torrent. The simplest way is to go lower on the list, look for a torrent that doesn’t have quite as much downloads while still keeping quality. If that isn’t an applicable remedy, then ensure you have a VPN.

Keep Cool

In the event that you get an intimidating letter and/or email, usually do not respond to it. If you react to the email or letter, you will confirm your existence and your concern. You also admit that you will be the person targeted by the stated email, consequently accepting responsibility. Since they send a large amount of mail, almost all of the ignored types die down.
Extra torrent also represents another common torrent site. Additionally it is a replacement of KickAss Torrents initial site. Since KickAssTorrents happens to be down, people can use a supplementary Torrent site. This site can be the home of original ETTV and ETRG releases. Currently, Extratorrent’s traffic is high due to the closure of the KickAssTorrents site. The torrent records are categorized and the search job enables you to find desired torrent files. This web site has become the popular users with unique monthly users from all over the world.

The Pirate Bay
KickAssTorrentsAS also is a great alternative to the state kickass torrents site. Essentially the site design and operation is completely same as the initial site. This site operated by the Official KickAssTorrents group; who ensures the domain is obtainable and functioning well. People using the web site can use VPN to make sure privacy. KickAssTorrentsAS website procedure is totally similar to Kickass Torrent official site. Users may use torrent files without any problem since all torrent links are operational.
TorrentDownloads is a good KickAss Torrents alternative website. It has minimal site style with splendid structures of KickAssTorrents. This site extremely ranked and receives large quantity unique monthly visitors every month. Users can download torrent files by downloading .torrent data files or utilizing the Magnet link. All torrent links from the web site are working. The server can be fast and operational.
You can also have a look at KAT clones. Such include;,, and

And always remind yourself to take notice of the safety guidelines while downloading any torrents.

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